1. Theme: This hackathon’s theme will be education. This will be the prompt and guiding topic as competitors generate their solutions for submission. More information will be provided in the theme introduction workshop.

2. Structure: This hackathon will be organized in a conventional hackathon structure, with the competition beginning on the first day (August 26th) with the opening ceremony, and ending on the third day (August 28th) with the presentations. An awards ceremony will be on August 29th. Throughout the competition period, we will offer a multitude of workshops to present content that participants may want to learn for both the hackathon and general knowledge. Additionally, we will have mentors and organizers available in discord to answer any general questions that participants may have during the competition period. 

3. Teams: The maximum team size for this hackathon is 5 team members. Those who are interested in attending but don’t have 4 other team members to sign up with can sign up as a partial team. Teams are not required to be full, but we will facilitate matchmaking for partial teams looking to fill their team.

4. Submissions: Submissions for this hackathon will be made online, before the end of the competition period. Competitors will be submitting their solutions to Devpost, where they can add demo videos and written descriptions of their process and solution. Submissions made after the end of the competition period will not be accepted. Each team may submit one solution, accompanied with their written descriptions and any additional information they would like to include.

5. Presentations: Teams will present their solution to judges for scoring (8 minutes), followed by a Q&A session (3 minutes max), with 4 minutes of room for transitions and flexibility. Teams can either do a live presentation, or pre-record a video and do a live Q&A. Teams have the option to not present, but this will detract from the team’s score. The Zoom link for the presentation room will be given to teams over email on the day of the event. 

6. Judging: Each submitted solution will be presented by their respective teams to the panel of judges. These judges will score the solutions, resulting in the final rankings. The judges will grade based on this list of criteria: Innovation, Execution, Practicality, and Presentation.

 7. Prizes: Prizes will be awarded based upon the final rankings from the judges. The 1st place team will be awarded $100 in gift cards. The 2nd place team will be awarded $80 in gift cards. The 3rd place team will be awarded $60 in gift cards.

8. Workshops: There will be a few free workshops being offered throughout the competition period, each one 1 hour long. You may attend as many as you would like. Some workshops may directly benefit your development of a solution, while others may provide you with valuable knowledge about interesting topics. In the end, it is up to you to decide which workshops to attend.